1. News & Announcements

      A test forum that may be removed at any time.

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    3. Knowledge Base and Rules

      A friendly knowledge designed to improve your knowledge for the game, community regulations.

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    4. RageFire Staff Events

      The community are given the chance to partake in every staff-hosted event for a chance to receive a reward.

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    5. Applications

      Apply for in game/forum staff here.

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    6. Trusted MM Application

      Apply for the Trusted middleman rank here.

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    1. General Discussion

      Talk about Ragefire here.

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    2. Suggestions

      All active suggestions towards the game server and forum can be posted here.

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    4. Marketplace

      Buy and sell RageFire items here (no RWT)

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    5. Introductions

      introduce yourself here!

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    6. Events

      You can host your events here.

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    1. Screenshots

      Post your RageFire related screenshots here.

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    2. Goals and Achievements

      Leave kill logs and what your strive for!

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    3. Videos

      Put server advertisements or fun videos here

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    4. Graphics

      Post all your graphics for RageFire and staff

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    1. General Help

      You can request help from the community here.

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    2. Report a Player or Staff

      Make a report. Must provide proof.

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    3. Appeal A Ban or Mute

      Need to appeal a ban or mute? Post here.

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    4. Report a Bug

      Report bugs found ingame, or on forums here.

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    1. Scheduled Tournaments

      Here will be discussed the scheduled and registered tournaments among clans. Winners will be rewarded pay outs.

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    1. Clan Discussion

      Any clan-related discussion goes in here.

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    2. Clan Recruitment

      You can recruit your own clan or join an existing one.

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    1. Gaming

      Discuss gaming related topics throughout the sub-forums of this board.

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    2. Media

      Discuss and share your non-related RageFire media here.

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    3. Discussion

      Discuss non RageFire related topics here.

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    4. Spam

      All threads that don't have a board, or are useless can be placed here.

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